Leftover Ground Beef Recipes

These recipes will put every last bit of your beef to good use!

With lean ground beef, marinara sauce, 3 different types of cheese, sour cream, and Italian seasonings, this is truly the Best Baked Ziti Recipe.

Best Baked Ziti Recipe

Ground beef chili for two made in less than 30 minutes!

Beef Chili for Two

These Italian Stuffed Peppers feature your favorite pizza-inspired flavors! They’re packed with Italian sausage and pepperoni, along with the traditional ground beef.

Italian Stuffed Peppers 

This easy one-pot Spanish Rice with Ground Beef is a great side dish or add your favorite toppings for an economical, family-friendly meal!

Spanish Rice with Ground Beef

Turkish ground beef stuffed eggplant called kaniyarik is a dish that is packed with flavors. It is easy to make and freezer friendly.

Turkish Ground Beef Stuffed Eggplant

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