Air Fryer Hamburgers

These Air fryer hamburgers require very little effort and still come out flavorful and juicy.

Make them for a quick and easy weeknight meal, or if your cookout is out of gas (or is getting rained out) let these beefy beauties save the day!

Why You Are Going to Love It! - No standing over a hot   grill or stove. - Air fryer hamburgers are   ready in minutes. - Ingredients are simple   and may already be in   your pantry. - Stay indoors.

- Ground beef - Seasoning - Cheese - Condiments


Mix the seasonings into the ground beef just until everything is evenly distributed.

Step 1

Divide the meat into five even sections, then roll them into rounds like a giant meatball.

Step 2

Press flat into patties and make an indent in the center of each with your thumb.

Step 3

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